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Release Date: July 5th, 2016

Type: Graphic Novel, Dark Horse, Science Fiction, Whaaaat?

About the Book: Enn is a sixteen-year-old boy who just doesn’t understand girls, while his friend Vic seems to have them all figured out. Both teenagers are in for the shock of their young lives, however, when they crash a local party only to discover that the girls there are far, far more than they appear!

From the Locus Award-winning short story by Neil Gaiman—one of the most celebrated authors of our time—and adapted in vibrant ink-and-watercolor illustrations by the Daytripper duo of Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon, this original hardcover graphic novel is absolutely not to be missed! [Description provided by the publisher.]

My Review: First off, this story is odd and out there. But what else would you expect from Neil Gaiman? He is the king of "odd and out there." Weird is his version of normal. He knows how to take something that would be perfect normal, and shape it so that while you feel the strangeness, it doesn't really hit you until you're in the middle that something is wrong, or different. At first, I just assumed our narrator was so awkward that he wasn't really understanding what the girl was saying. But nope.

And second, you know what my favorite part about this was? The ending. It's left so completely open, that you're just sitting there, staring at the last page, waiting for it to give you some clue as to what the heck it all means. Gaiman does that to you. You sit there, wondering if you just missed something important. Like he has the secrets to the universe, and you just missed your chance to comprehend it.

And the art - the art is just as weird and angular as the story itself. Clearly, Gaiman and the illustrators - Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon - are a fantastic team.

Cover Lovin': Well done. The art is properly represented, and it only barely hints at the weirdness within.

Recommendation: You have to like open endings, and you have to like weird.

Final Rating: THREE AND A HALF out of FIVE stars! (3.5/5). An interesting, entertaining, fast read.

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Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, Novel Addiction ~!~

Disclaimer: I received a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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