Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The 2016 Reader/Author Get Together! ( #RAGT16 )

So, as long-time readers might remember, I've been going to the Annual Reader/Author Get Together for the past five (or six?) years. It's a great time, with awesome authors, and excellent charity donations. Every year, Lori Foster sells a benefit book, and all the proceeds go to the Animal Adoption Foundation - a no kill animal shelter, and it happens to be where we adopted our sweet little Mattie! And all the proceeds from raffle tickets go to One Way Farm, a wonderful place that helps kids from rough backgrounds learn to accept help and love, sparing them the abuse most of them have suffered in their lives. So of course, I love to go every year and support these great causes, plus just have a wonderful time with fellow attendees and find new authors!

Authors and publishers sponsor meals and boardrooms, and provide goodies or games throughout the conference. Most of the time, there were so many places I wanted to be at the same time, that I couldn't choose what to do! My mother and I attended a session where we used pictures and phrases cut out from magazines to make our own book cover - and my Mom won! She got a free book, which made her super excited.

And speaking of free books - we got 8 free books in our goody bags (every paid registrant gets a goody bag!), and then I got another 5 free books courtesy of the amazing authors that sponsored our different meals! I cannot wait to read them all, plus all the books I won in different raffle prizes. On top of the free books, and books I won, I also bought a small stack of books from different authors that were either new to me, or ones I had seen previously and wanted to finally pick up one of their books.

I'm still just so excited about last weekend that I can barely form coherent thoughts! I won six, SIX, raffle baskets - one basket alone had twenty books in it! All the baskets are sitting on my living room floor, lined up like soldiers, waiting for me to dive in. I did go through and look at everything, and I am blown away by how generous all the people that donated are.There's jewelry, signed books, coloring books, water bottles/mugs, even some Vera Bradley purses! There was one basket in particular that I was hoping to win, but you know what? I wouldn't trade these amazing baskets for that one. I'm already gathering some books and items to hopefully donate next year.

I was hoping to have some pictures to show you guys, but I'm afraid this has been a very busy week, so I didn't get the chance to take any. I will get some, I promise!

And speaking of pictures, if you're interested in seeing what I'm reading, or any bookish stuff that catches my eye, Novel Addiction now has an Instragram! I can be found at, as I'm sure you can guess, @noveladdiction.

I will update more when my life is a little less hectic - you know, if that ever happens.

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, Novel Addiction ~!~

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