Friday, July 15, 2016

Weekly Reading Update 7/8 - 7/14/16!

Another week, another update! As always, click the title for more information.

It feels like I have been super busy this week, but I’m not sure that’s really true. I think I’m just exhausted. We’re down five employees at work, so we’re all rushing at work to get everything done. Unfortunately, this means I’m worn out by the time I get home, and so I haven’t read too much. Mostly shorter books.

I finally read Driven by K. Bromberg. I’ve read another book by this a while ago, a later book in the series. I can see why people are so obsessed with it. I had to request the second book from the library, and I’m not sure how much longer I can stand to wait for it. There were quite a few moments where I wanted to shake both of the main characters, so they would come to their senses about each other. But in general, the first book has that tension that I enjoy so much in my romances.

I read a couple more novellas. I’m working my way through all the ones my library system owns - I’m pretty addicted. I read Pieces of Hate by Tim Lebbon, as well as The Last Witness by K.J. Parker. Honestly, Pieces of Hate didn’t work for me. It’s a classic case of “great idea in theory, not so much in execution.” sigh. But The Last Witness was good. Not as amazing as some of the other novellas, but still a good read.

I’m still working my way through the Aftershock series by Jill Sorenson. Book three, Badlands, is Owen and Penny’s story, and I have been looking forward to this since book one! Just like the previous books in the series, this was another awesome romantic suspense, and one that immediately went on my wish-list upon finishing. I already have the next book, which is a quick novella in a book with another author. Honestly, I’m so eager to read Jill Sorenson’s story that I might just skip the other story in the book…

I finally got the chance to read Stuck-Up Suit by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward. I loved it! I can see why it got so much good press in the romance community. It was another instant wish-list book. And now I’m going to have to find what else these two authors have written together.

I read Someone Like You by Jennifer Gracen for Romance Reviews Today. It was a good read, I really liked it, but it took me forever to read because I had so much other stuff going on. Tossing in the titles of a few other quick reads from this week - Learning to Ride by Erin Knightley, Batman & Robin Eternal Volume 1 by Scott Snyder, and Dead Things by Stephen Blackmoore. I read Learning to Ride because I wanted to give one of those Bookshots novellas a chance.. But I hate James Patterson, so I refused to read one of his books. Luckily another couple authors joined in the trend. Batman & Robin Eternal was awesome, and I can’t wait for the next volume. And Dead Things was read for our paranormal book club at work - it was so good. Amazing character development and story, despite it being less than 300 pages.

See you next week!

Happy Reading!
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