Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekly Reading Update 9/09 - 9/15/16!

Another week, another update… As always, click the title for more information!

While browsing at work, my coworker and I stumbled upon “Accidentally in love with… a god?” by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff. So of course, we had to request it via our interlibrary loan program. I got the chance to read it this past week, and I’m a little torn. I really liked the beginning, but I couldn’t stand the constant flip-flopping that the hero and heroine did when it comes to their feelings. However… I still found myself requesting the second book via interlibrary loan as well - so I must have at least enjoyed it a little!

After that, I went on a bit of a graphic novel rampage. This week has been incredibly busy. My Mom’s basement flooded, so that was an entire day wasted, trying to get all the water cleaned up. And then my mother and aunt took a trip to Myrtle Beach, so I had to run by their house multiple times during the week. I also will admit to getting distracted by season four of Elementary, which I just got on DVD from the library. But graphic novels are quick reads, so I breezed through four of them. I started off with Faith volume 1: Hollywood and Vine by Jody Houser. I have been waiting forever for this! I heard about it eons ago, and it felt like I waited eons for it to finally release. And it was so good! I’m already anticipating the next volume.

Next up was The Mighty Thor volume 1: Thunder in her Veins by Jason Aaron. Lady Thor is kick@ss! I’m greatly enjoying Marvel’s revamp of the different famous heroes. I’m looking forward to the new Iron Man, and I love Ms. Marvel. I switched from Marvel to DC next, and read Aquaman volume 7: Exiled by Cullen Bunn. Aquaman was amazing in the beginning, and then lost some of it’s cool factor for a bit. I think volume 7 is taking us back to the awesome factor. And finally, I moved on to Spider-Gwen, volume 1: Greater Power by Jason Latour. Spider-Gwen is not my favorite by far, but I thought this was fairly interesting. I’ll probably read the next volume when it releases.

That’s it for me this week!

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, Novel Addiction ~!~

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