Thursday, July 26, 2018

Review: THE TIES THAT BIND by Rebecca Norinne!

My Review: Do you loooove Romeo and Juliet? Then you absolutely, one hundred percent must get this book. You would be doing yourself a disservice if you did not add this to your e-book collection immediately. It's not that long, it's gritty, it has that amazing "from feuding families" trope.. just do yourself a favor and get it already. Xander is that perfect bad boy that you can tell has a good side, but it's buried deep down... under all the murder.

When these two get together, it's hot, hot, hot! I could practically feel the tension, like my Kindle was vibrating with it. Add in a particularly insane twin brother, and this book has all the classic signs of a true gem.

On a slightly unrelated note... I have to read a fairy tale romance retelling - think this counts? I mean, some people think Romeo and Juliet is the ultimate fairy tale...

Cover Lovin': Very hot, and goes perfectly with book one.

Recommendation: Works as a stand alone.

Final Rating: FOUR out of FIVE stars (4/5)!!! A great mafia romance that really hits the spot.

Today we are celebrating the release of THE TIES THAT BIND, a standalone book in the Love Story series by Rebecca Norinne! One-click your copy now! It is part of a standalone duo and the first book, LUCKY STAR, is available now.


THE TIES THAT BIND by Rebecca Norinne


When my twin brother Jayce orders a hit on Arabella Wilson—the daughter of our family’s greatest rival—I have no choice but to obey. Or so I let him think. What he doesn’t know is Arabella isn’t just the enemy … she’s also the only woman I’ve ever loved. She might be guilty of yanking my bleeding heart right out of my chest, but she doesn’t deserve to die. The longer I delay carrying out Jayce’s orders, the more erratic he becomes, until he issues an ultimatum I can’t ignore: either I kill Arabella or he kills me. And since that’s not how my story ends, I have a choice to make. I’m a killer. It’s what I do. So who lives, and who dies? Will it be my brother or my lover, my darkness or my light? Find out in this sexy mafia romance inspired by Romeo & Juliet.


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What reviewers are saying about this duo...

A 6 star read! I was sucked into this book from the first page. This book was excellently written and ... I now want to go back and grab up everything [Norinne has] ever written to read it all. - Bookalicious Babes

Every single detail in this plot, I fell for. - My Slanted Bookish Ramblings

Lucky Star is a great read that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster. It's a good one though, and one you won't want to end. I highly recommend this one. - Reviews from the Heart

This is one of those feel good stories where you can't wait to finish it and see the guy and girl live happily ever after.- Alpha Book Club

Love triumphs! Please get this book now. It is a great read. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - Romantic Fanatic Book Blog

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About the Author
Rebecca Norinne writes sexy romance from the heart. Her heroines are bold and headstrong, and her heroes will do anything for the ones they love. When not banging away at the keyboard, she is watching rugby, enjoying a pint of craft beer, or traveling the globe in search of inspiration for her next book. Originally from California, Rebecca currently resides in Dublin, Ireland, with her husband.  
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