Saturday, September 19, 2009

Favorite authors, what makes us stay?

So today, I received some books in the mail, and one of them was "The Brat" by Lynsay Sands. I opened it, admiring the beautiful new copy (the one I read was a library copy, and an old tattered one to boot), and found out it was signed! I instantly became giddy. I love Lynsay Sands, mostly her Argeneau series, and I was overjoyed just to own something she's signed. So that got me thinking about my favorite authors, why they're my favorites, and wondering what everyone else's favorites are.

I have several authors I consider my favorites, and I will read anything and everything they write, whether it's my genre or not. So I'll list them here for you, and include a thing or two about why I love them.

Katie MacAlister (aka Kate Marsh, Katie Maxwell). - She's quirky, her stories are magical, and her Dragons and Dark Ones make me drool. And it was because she started writing a mystery series ("Ghost of a Chance" Kate Marsh), I decided to start checking out other mysteries. And she's writing a Steampunk novel now ("Steamed"), so I'll be trying a steampunk romance as soon as that comes out!

Sherrilyn Kenyon (aka Kinley MacGregor) - I love mythology, and I love how she uses it in her novels. I have enjoyed every one of her Dark-Hunter series books, and own them all. And "Born In Sin" (Kinley MacGregor) is now and always will be my favorite Historical Romance.

Lynsay Sands - As I said, I love her. Her Argeneau series is wonderful. Another series where I love the characters, and keep going back to the series to see those characters again. I think my favorite Argeneau is Lucian. His book is my favorite to date, but she keeps coming out with good ones, that might change.

Laurell K. Hamilton - Two great series here, the Merry Gentry series (faeries), and the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series. I can't tell you which I like more anymore. For a while, it was the Merry Gentry series, because she stayed with the plot, the story kept moving forward at a good pace. The Anita Blake series, for a while, got to a point where it was just mindless sex, the plot was confusing and forgetful, and so on. But her most recent book ("Skin Trade") was very good, back to the old Anita Blake that made me love her. Well, with a few nitpicks, anyways.

Jeaniene Frost - I actually read this series out of order. I read the second one first, then went back and read the first. I love Cat. I might love Bones a little more, but shhh. And her most recent book, I've never wanted to cry, smack a character, and laugh at the same time. I can't wait for her next book. And bonus, if you follow her blog, she occasionally has "flash contests" where if you're the first couple people to comment on the post, you automatically win. It's how I won a signed copy of one of her books that if I had a treasure chest, it would be in it.

That said, who are your favorite authors, and what makes you keep going back to them?


Patti said...

I do like Katie MacAlister, although I couldn't get into her silver dragons too much. Jeaniene Frost, Richelle Mead, Rachel Vincent, Patricia Briggs, are some of my faves. They continually deliver a good read and each has created a universe I don't want to leave when the book is done.

Morning Glow said...

I've not read Patricia Briggs (though I've wanted to), and I've not even heard of Richelle Mead and Rachel Vincent. Yay for more authors to look up!