Sunday, September 20, 2009

Katie MacAlister covers!

Since I was talking about favorite authors recently, I figured I would promote one of my favorite authors, by showing some cover art of two of her upcoming books.

First we have "Steamed" her first book in the steampunk genre. I've not read any steampunk before.. infact, I didn't even know it existed until she started talking about writing it. Now I can't wait! And just look at that cover, isn't it wonderful? Very bright, very eyecatching.. I'm sure it will fly off the shelves! I know I can't wait.

And what do we have here? Her next book in the dragons series (this time it's a novel of the Light Dragons!) titled "Love in the Time of Dragons." For those of you that follow her Dragon septs series, it's Baltic's story.

For more information on the dragon book, she has a blog_post that answers some questions.

And for more information on her writing process, her life, and some dishy guys (every monday!) visit her BLOG !

And, not a fan of paranormal romance? Don't worry, she also writes contemporary romance, historical romance, as well as her paranormals. She has also started writing a paranormal mystery series under the name Kate Marsh. AND she has some YA fiction under the name Katie Maxwell ("Circus of the Darned" is my favorite!).

Check it out! And be sure to drool over the amazing covers.

Covers courtesy of Katie MacAlister's blog

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