Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've been a very bad blogger!!

I have, I have! And it's not like I have no books to review (currently reading "Tsunami Blue" to review for Dorchester Publishing!! So look for that next), I think life just caught up with me. And I was sick all of last week, which mostly meant being curled up in bed, hiding under the blankets.

I have been working since I graduated, but just part-time, and I am actively looking for another job, whether it be full time, or just another part-time job. And since I'm not finding any others (still haven't heard back from some places, so we'll see), I've decided to implement some positive changes in my life. I mean, I have the time, after all.

Don't worry, one of the things on my list is to read more and get more reviews out, and I will! Especially since it's so pretty outside, I can't wait to curl up on the deck with a book and read. Hopefully soon - if not tonight!

I hope you all can forgive me, and for those of you that have continued to stick around - Thank you!! I'll be back with more reviews in no time. And hopefully get them out quicker.

I hope you all have an excellent Wednesday, and as always, happy reading!
~!~ Morning Glow

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