Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Yayness - I bought a Sony Touch Ereader!

Good morning world! I'm so excited to share my news! On Black Friday (via online shopping, I'm too scared to brave the stores!) I bought an ebook reader!! After going through the different types, judging them against each other, finding what features I liked, didn't, or maybe just didn't need.. I decided on buying myself a Sony Touch ( Sony prs600). I ordered it Friday, and it already shipped! I'm so excited to get it, and start reading!

Yes, I have an ebook reader already (eBookwise), but while I think it's a good choice for anyone that wants a sturdy eReader for a cheap-ish price and doesn't read ebooks often.. I'm starting to get too many ebooks to review/too many ebooks in general (buying, contests, freebies, etc). So I decided to invest in something I know will be a little better - I even bought myself a nice thick cover too!

Stick around, as soon as I get my ereader in the mail, I plan to take some pictures, talk about it, maybe even do a review of it (one I read a few books to get the full experience). I hope you'll be interested in reading that - and maybe my thoughts will help someone decide what sort of ebook reader is best for them!

I hope you have a great week, and come back tomorrow for new reviews.
Happy Reading!
~!~ Morning Glow~!~


Chris said...

Congrats on the new ereader!

Amanda, aka Morning Glow said...

Thanks Chris!!

Russell Brooks said...

Share your experiences with us as the weeks go along. I'd like to hear more.

Amanda, aka Morning Glow said...

Will do! There will be an update with pictures as soon as it arives.