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Review of "Eden's Hell, I: The First" by Dawné Dominique

I was actually given this book and its sequal "Dark Diary, II: The First," so make sure to keep an eye for that review! Want to learn more about this author? Click here to visit her webpage!

Disclaimer: This book and its sequel were given to me by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Type: Romance, Erotic Romance, Series, Vampires, First vampires, Religion, age-long disputes

Why this book?: As mentioned, I was given this book and its sequel in exchange for a review. But I agreed to it because I did like the ideas behind the books, and I was eager to read them. I just wish I could have gotten to it sooner, but with vacation, and the holidays, everything got pushed back some. But now that I'm done with the first one, I'm not sure how long I can wait to read the second. =)

About the book: While strolling on his private beach, vampire Addison finds a young girl running towards him, puncture wounds in her neck. Addison knows this girl, Eva, has been contracted as his neighbor Satrina's, also a vampire, new pet. But he knows there is something different about Eva, and he finds himself drawn to her, beginning to feel emotions he hasn't felt in centuries. But Satrina isn't about to let Eva go without a fight. Eva is shocked to find that vampires truly exist, and that she is now the target of one of the oldest vampires in creation. And speaking of creation, Addison has quite the past, one that Eva isn't sure she's ready for.

While reading this book, I originally thought it was the characters that kept sucking me back in, but after finishing it, I've realized it's truly a package deal. The characters were great, and the religion/creation story part of it was another big draw. The story starts with Addison on his private beach, and I was instantly struck by how flowing and beautiful the descriptions were. Battle scenes were done well, and the sexual scenes were incredibly sensuous and, well, let's just say I got a little flushed from time to time. But this book is so much more than battle and sex scenes, in fact, that comprises only a few bits of the book. So if graphic tales turn you off, no fear, this is still a good book for any vampire-lover.

As I mentioned, the characters and their backstories were fascinating - Satrina and Addison especially. Satrina is deliciously evil, and I definitely respect a strong woman, even as a villain. Her interactions with her "pets" were what really did it for me, everything fit her character to a tee. Addison was equally interesting, emotionless and cold when compared with Satrina's burning evil. I will say it felt like Addison fell for Eva a bit too quickly, but when you live for centuries (or longer!) without much emotion and brightness in your life, I'm sure you'd know what love was, and pretty quickly. Eva did feel slightly wimpy and weepy to me (except at the very end - yay Girl Power!), but again - this can be explained. The way she finds out about vampires is by waking up with one attached to her neck, and in reality, she's not given long to come to terms with these ancient beings before everything goes to hell (literally?!), so it's no wonder she's not kicking butt.

The laws Satrina and Addison live by, or at least Addison does, are fascinating. I always love the idea of a sort of council ruling over vampires, and the way this one is set up and was created is interesting in and of itself. And the religious aspect! I wish I could go into more detail, but I'm afraid of spoilers, so I will just go so far as to say Lilith is the original vampire, and she actually seduces Adam into becoming one as well, after Eve leaves him after the fall of Eden. The backstory only grows from there, and the details are so interesting, I wish I could talk about more of it, but as I said, no spoilers. So instead you will all have to read it and come talk with me about it.

So finally, I'll leave you with my favorite quote from the book before we get to the rating. "He was her Lancelot and Dracula all rolled into one" (pg 157). And now, the rating- I'm giving "Eden's Hell, I: The First" by Dawné Dominique a FOUR POINT FIVE out of FIVE (4.5/5) stars. Satrina's evilness alone makes this a great book, but as I said, the descriptions and the great backstory really make his whole book wonderful in my opinion. It's a good read, and trust me, you'll be sucked into the world in no time. Make sure to keep an eye out for my review of the sequel "Dark Diary, II: The First."

You can find and buy this book and more by the author via her page at Purple Sword Productions LLC - Dawne Dominique !

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I hope you all have a good weekend, and of course - Happy Reading!
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Dawné Dominique said...

Thank you so very much for this wonderful review, Amanda. I'm so glad you enjoyed Eden's Hell. Book II is from a different perspective, and it touches upon yet another religion, which is the premise of this entire vampire series. I sure hope you enjoy Dark Diary as much as this one.

Kindred Blood (book III) is currently being edited now and should be releasing in the spring or early summer.

From the bottom and top of my heart, thank you.