Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Yayness - Ebook reader edition!

 What is that you may be asking? Why it's the fancy shmancy cover I bought for my brand new SONY TOUCH EBOOK READER!! Yay!! I mentioned last week that I purchased it, and I promised pictures and details as soon as I received it. The cover was shipped via a different company, so of course that came first, arriving on Friday. And then Saturday was the big day - the day the ebook reader itself arrived! I would have spent all Saturday playing with it, but I spent some time with my mother making cookies for the Holidays - a total of seven different kinds (two kinds of chocolate chip, peanut butter, Andies Candies mint chocolate chip, slice and bake Christmas cookies, 7 Cup Cookies, and No Bake cookies). But Saturday night I spent some time installing software, uploading books, and just playing around. But it's so different from my old ebook reader (an eBookwise), I think it'll take some time to get used to... But without further ado - more pictures!
 Here it is with the case opened, and the reading light (part of the case) on and shining bright. The camera made it seem a little more glare-y than it actually is, my apologies. But doesn't it look so pretty?! And delicate! Much smaller than my old one, it'll take some getting used to!
And here we are with the reader on and a book cover pulled up. First off - yummy cover. Second, yay! Look how clear! That's with the book at the smallest setting, to read the text, I actually had to change the font to medium. That book was formatted the best out of all of them, unfortunately it looks like I'll have to go through and mess with most of my others. They were all set to the formats supported by my old reader, so I should have figured things would need to be different, lol.

So far, I have only played around with it - getting things started, making sure text looks okay. I plan to give an update and maybe even a review when I finally start reading books on here! And my library (also my work) has ebooks you can borrow, I'm excited to finally be able to try that out on an ebook reader instead of just my computer - I'll make sure to tell you all about that as well!

Have a great week! And stay tuned - I have some great content (and CONTESTS) coming soon! Plenty chances to win some great prizes.


Chris said...

Oh, gorgeous cover! I had to change my books when I got my new ereader some months ago - my older ereader did a poor job on epub, so everything was mobi. The new ereader won't reduce the size of mobi enough, so now I need to convert everything to epub. Bless Calibre. :)

Amanda, aka Morning Glow said...

Oh yes - Calibre has been a HUGE help! And even better, now I have a device it supports, so I can use it just to automatically move things to my device. It's so much easier than my old one.