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BLB Tour: GUEST POST by author Jemima Valentino!

Everyone, please help me welcome Jemima Valentino, author of "His Elle!" Novel Addiction is stop number one on Jemima's Book Lovin' Bitches blog tour, so be sure to follow her along the rest of the tour! And check out the links at the bottom to purchase "His Elle!"
The Writers Curse

Guest post by Jemima Valentino - author of the BDSM erotic novella "His Elle."
Recently, I have been captured in the iron grasp of writers block. The curse that strikes every writer, author or blogger at some time in their career (writers block does not discriminate between the professionals and hobbyists), and for some of us it truly seems never ending. This time around it’s been bad enough that I’ve even struggled to write this guest post and have been staring at a blank screen for hours every time I’ve tried to post something requiring a degree of thought to my blog.

“So,” I hear you say, “what do you do when writers block sneaks up on you wielding its knife, still freshly bloodied from its last victim?”

Well, as the old saying goes Feed a cold and starve a fever. For me, I take this as a literal translation and pick up the nearest enemy of our dreaded writer’s curse - words. I read. I have already read four books this month alone. I am not the fastest reader in the pack and anyone who knows me will know that four books in a month must mean that I’m extra hungry. It’s true.

I believe that to lose myself in someone else’s work for a while, whether it be within the same genre as I write, or not, will help to shift something in my brain the words will come again. I’m pretty sure it’s now starting to work as I have managed to write this short rambling post, and also work on the next chapter of my new erotic paranormal romance The House on Hundred Hill.

This month I have soaked up remarkable stories and have discovered some truly exciting authors that I have never heard of before. Kitty Thomas is now a name I will recognise as one of the best BDSM writers I have ever had the good fortune to come across, and on the whim of a recommendation I am also completely addicted to Meredith Gentry and her entourage of sidhe warrior faerie bodyguards, thanks to New York Times best-selling author, Laurell K Hamilton.

Reading so much of late has made me fall in love with books all over again and remember that as a reader I have the ability to become emotionally attached to fictional characters that are materially and physically nothing but words on a page. Hell, if you say that out loud it’s almost enough to get you locked up in a padded cell! Reading has re-inspired me to write. The way I have felt over recent weeks for the characters of Merry Gentry, The Killing Frost, Darkness, Rhys, Emily Vargas and her Master to name but a few, has reminded me that it is exactly what I crave as a writer - to have a reader feel exactly that way about the characters I have created.

Any writer that tries to tell you they don’t need to read the work of another author is the same that will tell you they don’t need an editor. Those are the ones that require the padded cell as either notion is utterly insane.

Thank you so much for stopping by, Jemima!

About "His Elle:"
A creature of beauty and intelligence is a rare breed, especially one who so wantonly offers the submission of her soul to another.

Through a chance meeting at an urgent care clinic, Elle and her Master soon fall unintentionally and desperately in love, embarking on a deeply intense BDSM relationship.

Knowing they must soon part, Elle is pushed further than ever before. Through one final limitless display of submission, expertly guided by her Master, can Elle truly release her fears and give him all of her heart? WARNING: This book is for readers 18+: as a BDSM, Erotic Romance, it contains scenes of a graphic nature, not suitable for minors.

Find Jemima at her blog: Jemima Valentino
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And head HERE to find more info, and watch the book trailer!

Again, a HUGE thanks to Jemima for stopping by, and I hope you all get a chance to check out her book, "His Elle!"

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda ~!~

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