Thursday, March 24, 2011

Follow Friday and Tag Along! Friday Fun-ness!

Another Friday already? WOOHOO! I like this Friday, I don't have to work the weekend, so it'll be a nice one! Oh sure, I have to get my taxes done tomorrow, but.. still better than work. =)

So welcome to my blog! My own little humble corner of the blogosphere. I do so hope you choose to stick around, I have tons of great content coming up! I have some great contests coming up, authors visiting for blog tours, etc.

Some quick things:
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And now the hops!
Where is your favorite place to buy or swap books?: Well, I love Half Price Books, mostly as a way to try books that I'm not sure about. I've found a lot of authors via HPB that I now love and buy all their books brand new. But for everything else, I buy a lot of stuff from Amazon, Kroger, and even Walmart on occasion. As for swapping books.. I haven't really done that before. I did get some things via Paperbackswap once, that was fun!

List five book related silly facts about you: Oh, this might be tough! Alright, let's do it!
1. I will never stop purchasing books.. even though I already own more than I will ever be able to read.
2. I call myself an ebook hoarder. As many print books as I have, I have at least that many ebooks - most of them free ones from promotions, contests, etc.
3. Nothing irks me more than when people edit library books. I borrowed a book from the library, and someone crossed out "snuck" and wrote in "sneaked."
4. I make "bookcases" out of everything. I have a small chest of drawers, and the top drawer has been taken out and books are now in it. And above it is a box turn on it's side so I can use it as another shelf.
5. If an author has multiple series, I have to have all of those series together on a shelf. And while the books are in series order, the series are put in order by which I like best. Favorites on the left, second favorite next, etc.

Book Blogger Hop
If you could physically put yourself into a book or series, which would it be and why? The Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost, definitely! I'd either want to be Cat (so I could be close to Bones, of course)... or I'd take Vlad or Ian. I'd LOVE to be the woman to whip Ian into shape. *Snicker*

Well, that's it for me I think. Come back Monday for another contest. Leave a comment with a link to your blog hop and I'll go visiting when I get off work/ get out of rehearsal.
Happy reading!
~!~ Amanda ~!~


Sidne,the BCR said...

lol at your 5 silly book related facts about you. have a good weekend.

Amber @ Awesomesauce said...

Following you on the 18 and older tag along, I am online shopper. I live over a half hr. away from any book store at all so its easier and cheaper that way.

Have a great weekend!!

Tyraa said...

Hey there! I'm your newest follower :)
I usually get my books online, just cheaper and easier.

Have a great weekend!

Kyanara_night said...


stopping by for the tag along.
I love to buy from amazon as well

Have a wonderfull weekend!

Kelly said...

I got rid of all my print books (GASP!) but did the same thing with the series that I owned. Now I group my series' in collections on my Kindle.

Happy Friday!

Sally Sapphire said...

Happy Friday from a fellow hoarder . . . print and ebook! :)

Sally @ Bibrary Bookslut

Crystal ♥ said...

Hi Amanda! Hoppin by on the 18+
I probably spend an even amount doing online shopping and in store shopping. I liked to have print copies of my favorite reads but now I'm seriously running out of room! LoL
Have a great weekend!

theJeepDiva said...

I can honestly say I have not had a library book in my hand in FOREVER. But OMG, people edit them..... thats just wrong on so many levels!

Aimee said...

I have tons of ebooks too! More than my actual books now because of the free downloads from amazon! I'm a new follower. My FF is at Coffee Table Press

Howard Sherman said...

Apologies in advance for my answer this week as it will not immediately resonate with the book blogger population which happens to be 99.5% female.

My choice is a book series geared towards guys which won’t enthrall the vast majority of my fellow book bloggers (who are almost entirely female) with the extensive discussion of powerful weapons and sexy milspec gear, beautiful women, eye-popping action sequences (with occasionally obscene violence), and the like.

But there IS something in my answer that just about everyone of the female persuasion can benefit from my decidedly “books for guys” post. Hop on over to to find out what it is.

Happy Hop Friday!

Howard Sherman

Carissa said...

I'm a compulsive book buyer just like you! It is almost like an addiction, but I figure there are far worse addictions to have. :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by! Great to hear from you! Happy Hop!

Check Out My Blog Hop!

Alison said...

Hopping through. I'd be furious if someone wrote in a library book - or any book.
My Hop

Kris said...

My son completely freaks when someone marks in a library book. He says "how could someone not respect a book" and he's not even a reader. Have a great weekend!

E Kelly said...

Returning follower just hopping by. When I have a series of books, they have to be on my shelves in order according to publication. Even if the author doesn't have a series, his/her books are still in order on my shelves.

Elizabeth said...

Stopping by from the blog hop...have a fun hop.

Stop by my blog if you like to see my answer...I listed three. :)


Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

Wow, I didn't know people edited library books. That is rude! Thanks for stopping by my hop.

Gabrielle said...

Hi! Old follower here coming through with the 18 & over tag along. Hope you had a great weekend!


Cozy in Texas said...

Stopped by today. I'm posting books on At least that way I only get a new one when one goes out the door. It was getting a bit like a city library in my house.

Temperance Black said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. Please stop by my blog and follow me in return. :c)