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Freeze, it's the police! REVIEW of "Credo's Hope" by Alison Holt

Credo's Hope (Alex Wolfe Mysteries)Why this book?: Author requested a review.

Disclaimer: I was given this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Type: Series, Fiction, Mystery, Police Fiction, Procedural Fiction, Long Hours, Licky the Carnivorous Puppy, Great Friends, Even better Partners

About the book: Alex Wolfe works for the Tucson Police Department, and if her case load isn't enough as it is, her friend convinces her to take on another one. Alex is already bogged down with work and trying to steer clear of her easy-to-anger boss, now she has to look into an old, closed case to prove a man innocent, hopefully before his final appeal and subsequent death sentence should his guilty verdict hold. Alex has no problem saying he's guilty and leaving everything to the attorney, but some things just don't add up, and she isn't going to rest until everything is tied up nice and neat.

Review: I will gladly shout from the rooftops about how much I enjoyed this book. From page one I was interested in the story and the characters, and couldn't wait to read more. Wolfe was smart and bold, and felt incredibly genuine. Perfect reactions, I'd say she was one of the best, real feeling characters I've read in, well.. maybe ever. I was struck by how accurate Wolfe's police career was portrayed, only to find out the author not only works on the police force, but also offers tips on her blog for authors that want to write accurate police characters. For readers who enjoy comparing characters and book series, I found some similarities between Wolfe and Stephanie Plum, though Stephanie relies almost entirely on luck, and Wolfe has the brains and the guts to solve the case.

I loved the plot, and the mystery was well thought out, with just enough little hints along the way so the ending was a pleasant surprise (I never expected that one!), but not a huge, out-of-left-field kind of shock. My favorite part? When Wolfe's supervisor, Kate, assigned Wolfe to on-call duty as "punishment" for going against her orders. Talk about some great revenge!  But you'll just have to read it and find out why. The only issue that made me stumble when reading "Credo's Hope" was the abundance of side characters. While they weren't technically all necessary, they did add a lot to the story, and I was grateful for their presence. There was an occasion or two where a name was mentioned and I forgot who that was, but generally the context was enough for me to pick it up right away.

Cover Loving: I like it. Short, Sweet, and to the Point.

Recommendation: Definitely recommended! Fans of Procedural/Police fiction and Mysteries will absolutely love "Credo's Hope." I'm not a huge mystery person (just an occasional fan) but this book had me hooked from page one, literally.

Final Rating: FIVE out of FIVE (5/5). Definitely a winning book. The story and characters felt so incredibly real and genuine. Excellent novel, definitely a series and author to watch!

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