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I'm a genie in a bottle.. REVIEW of "Master of None" by Sonya Bateman

Master of NoneWhy this book?: So many people loved it, and now I know why. Lucky me, I was able to get it from the library. Thank goodness I waited until now, the second book is due out soon!

Disclaimer: Library book. I did not receive this book in exchange for a review, nor did I purchase the book.

Type: Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Djinns, Good guys versus Bad Guys, Antiheroes, Secret Daddy

About the book: Gavyn Donnati is a thief, and definitely not a lucky one. Hired to steal a very specific knife, he's now running from his employers because - you guessed it - he's lost the knife. While on the run from the goons, a strange, tall man jumps infront of Gavyn, taking the bullets being fired in his direction. After a quick getaway and a very confusion conversation, Gavyn has his very own genie - Ian. Ian and Gavyn are tied together, and must work together to save themselves and their loved ones from the evil djinns, and Gavyn's old boss.

Review: I may have an obsession with conmen. I also enjoy human characters being thrown into a fantasy or paranormal world, and discovering there's more to the world, and maybe themself, than they knew. So it really isn't a surprise that I fell in love with "Master of None." Gavyn and Ian were fascinating characters, each with their own little quirks. Gavyn constantly checked for escape routes, should he need to make a quick getaway. Ian had.. well, excellent phrasing, and I just loved his attitude. The two men have been through a lot in their lives, and have to go through even more in the course of this book. It was beyond a pleasure to be able to read it and follow along on their journey.

There are some very powerful scenes in this book, and I would say "Master of None" has one of the best written torture scenes I've ever read. I was literally wiggling in my seat, biting my lip, and making little gasping noises just in reaction to what was being done to Gavyn and others. And the ending (no spoilers) just made me so.. happy, and proud. I cannot wait until the next book comes out, so I can see how Gavyn and Ian's journey continues. This is definitely a series for fans of Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Fiction, and Science Fiction/Fantasy to pick up! A great author, and an excellent series to keep an eye on.
Cover Loving?: I like it well enough. I do like the text block on the cover. But this cover just didn't "wow" me.

Recommendation: Oh yeah. A great story, great characters, everything a fiction fanatic needs. A book for your keeper shelves. Buy multiple copies and make your friends read it too!

Final Rating: FIVE out of FIVE (5/5). Excellent book, I couldn't put it down. Eagerly anticipating the next one, "Master and Apprentice"!!!!

Have you read "Master of None" by Sonya Batemen? Are you also eagerly anticipating the release of the second novel? Share your thoughts in the comments! Want to pick up your very own copy of the book? Or maybe more than one so you can thrust it on your unsuspecting friends? Get it from via the link to the left!

Happy Reading!
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