Tuesday, April 12, 2011

GUEST POST: Author Justine Elyot talks detectives.

Please help me welcome author Justine Elyot as she stops by Novel Addiction as part of her Book Lovin' Bitches virtual blog tour! She's here to share a blurb from her novel "Honeytrapped," as well as to talk about detectives - a subject that is close to my heart as well. Who doesn't want to be a classic Private Eye for a day? Or maybe just to be with one... Ahem. What was I say? Oh right!
Welcome, Justine!
Private Eyes


This is Jim Rockford - at the tone leave your name and message and I'll get back to you.

Words to take me straight back to my late 1970s childhood - my dad was a keen fan of Mr Rockford, but then he was a keen fan of anything involving detectives, which brings me to the theme of my post.

From Brother Cadfael to Stephanie Plum, from Lord Peter Wimsey to Mike Hammer, it seems that the whole world loves a private eye.

Tilly Turner, the heroine of my short story Honeytrapped has read enough Conan Doyle and Dashiell Hammett to have this vague idea of detective work as elegant and glamorous which is why, on receiving her redundancy payment from her local government job, she decides to set up in business. She goes to the spy shop and buys wires, tape-recording pens and hidden cameras, but little does she realise that her expectations of the job are going to be revealed as mere delusions.

Private detecting isn't glamorous or elegant. The everyday heartbreak behind the stories of missing people, the snooping and hanging around, these are the bread and butter of her job. But the most popular request by far for a reasonably attractive young woman is to act as a honeytrap, luring in men suspected of infidelity.

Tilly isn't comfortable with this role, but she accepts the challenge of finding out if tango teacher Norman has been getting horizontal with his dance partners. I have to admit, it isn't something I could do as a job, but it will always be something I love to read about.

And my favourite fictional gumshoe? Well, it's elementary, I suppose, but it has to be Sherlock for me - whether the full-on Victorian deerstalker version, or the recent BBC version with its cleverly updated incarnation. How about you?
It's her job to snare him, but this trap might be more complicated than she thought.

When Tilly went into business as a private detective, she thought it would be all brilliant deductive reasoning and car chases. She was not prepared for the deluge of calls from suspicious lovers hiring her to entrap their love rat partners, but when times are hard, you take what's on offer - which is how, despite two left feet, she came to find herself learning the Argentine tango.

But is the tango teaching lothario all he seems to be? And when he makes his hot Latin moves on her, will she really be able to stay professional and resist them?

Tilly finds herself tangled up in the tango, hot on the tail of a mystery. She even manages to fit in a car chase, though the brilliant deductive reasoning doesn't work out so well. But where her brain might miss out, her body certainly doesn't. They don't call sex the horizontal tango for nothing, it seems.
( Reader Advisory: This book contains a spanking scene and light voyeurism and exhibitionism in relation to sex in a car. )

Thanks for dropping by, Justine! And frankly, if I hadn't already been sold on the book, that reader advisory would have made me more than interested *wink.*
Make sure to stop by Total-E-Bound to purchase the book ( click HERE for the direct link).
And stop by Justine's website to see all the steamy books she's written.

Happy Reading!
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Sidne,the BCR said...

this one has made btp list. thats books to purchase list.

Saranna DeWylde said...

YAY! I love all of your books, I'm sure this one will be just as adored. :)

My favorite detective is Debra Morgan from the Dexter series. :)

Justine Elyot said...

Thanks for stopping by, guys - I loved writing this story, so I hope you both enjoy reading it.

Saranna, my sister-in-law is addicted to Dexter but somehow I've never seen it. Must give it a try - if you recommend it, it has to be good :).