Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Whatcha Got Wednesday #29 and Carolyn was Randomly Kind to me!

Welcome to another edition of Whatcha Got Wednesday! WGW is my own little weekly meme where I talk about what I got in the mail/bought for the past week. I don't do this to brag, but to spotlight some recent books received for review that I might not get to for a couple weeks (especially with this show! Final week!). And this week, I also bought some excellent nerdy T-shirts that I thought I might share!

First up, the books!

WON: "Starfire" by Kate Douglas. She sent me the book, some swag, and even wrote me a nice note, saying she hopes to see me at the Reader/Author Get Together in June!

GIFT (via RAK): "Master of None" by Sonya Bateman. Blogger Carolyn from Reading Under the Moonlight was super duper kind to me, and got me "Master of None." Yay!! I'm sure Carolyn is sick of my gushing thanks by now.. but... too bad! Thanks so much, Carolyn! The book has already made it's home in a place of honor on my bookshelves. Be sure to check out Carolyn's blog, she's got some great content!

NERDY TSHIRT HAUL: (Blurry, sorry!)
Why yes, that is the TARDIS surrounded by weeping angels. And the banner below says "The Angels have the Phone Box." Fans of Doctor Who will recognize the quote from the episode "Blink." I LOVE Doctor Who!!
And Harry Potter Fans will love the second shirt - Harry Potter Russian stacking dolls! Each doll (starting at the smallest) is a representation of one of the seven Harry Potter books. The 1st year doll is holding the sorcerer's stone, the second year is holding the diary of Tom Riddle, and so on!
The Tshirts above were purchased at, which is probably my new obsession - besides books, of course.

Some Updateyness:We're on the final week of the show! Tonight is Final Dress rehearsal, and I'm so excited to have an audience! The show is wonderful, the cast is fantastic, and I know people will love it. I should be back to a semi-regularly blogging and reviewing schedule come Monday or Tuesday.. probably Tuesday, so I have a day to rest after all the singing and dancing. =)

Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda ~!~

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