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BLOGOVERSARY: GIVEAWAY and GUESTPOST with author Jessica McHugh!

Welcome everyone! This week, Novel Addiction is celebrating its SECOND BLOGOVERSARY! I'm also celebrating my birthday, so it's a super fun week! Be sure to check back every day for more great, fun content - go HERE to check out the schedule. Today, I'm lucky to offer you a guest post from Jessica McHugh, author of "Rabbits in the Garden," "The Sky: The World" and more!!! And Jessica has kindly provided a limited edition copy of "Rabbits in the Garden" to giveaway! See below for details.

Alamyntal, Shir Mil ( A Farewell to Old Friends )
by Jessica McHugh

It's the end of an era I never intended to begin. Now, in the last month of writing my fantasy series "The Tales of Dominhydor", I find myself a veritable forest of feelings. Unfortunately, there are no helpful Care Bear Cousins to sing a song that reconciles my varied emotions.

I can’t believe it’s almost over. =)
I can’t believe it’s almost over. =(

Almost ten years ago, I started writing a story called "Maladrid" with no intention of it being the first book in a series. At that point, I had no intentions for my writing at all outside of using it to get through my eleven hour shift selling perfume from a mall kiosk. In hindsight, my logic about "Maladrid" being a stand-alone novel was pretty illogical. I spent months designing the world of Dominhydor. I invented a language, created original races of creatures, and wrote countless origin stories dating back to the very beginning of the world's existence---and for what? One book? One book that clearly states at the start that the entire story is a dream? Where's the logic in that?

Then again, what do you really know about logic when you're 19? Or writing, for that matter? (Or anything?) Nearly ten years and four Dominhydor installments later, I'm still learning how to best craft a story, but this month, I learn how to say goodbye.

Having written thirteen books, nine of which have been published since 2008, I've seen characters come and go pretty quickly. I've seen them simply walk out and I've seen them crash and burn. I’ve seen them die as innocents and die getting exactly what was coming to them. But of every character I've conceived, the denizens of Dominhydor have stuck with me the longest. They've been there for the best and worst of me, and it's going to be tough to let go. I am planning on writing the "Book of Dominh" in the future, which will include all of those origin stories I mentioned, but that's a ways off, and if I write a prequel, it won't actually be set in Dominhydor. And no, you can't have any more info than that. ;)

But these characters: Maladrid, Yven, Palaplia, Telinhe, etc...I probably won't ever write for them again. As much as I've complained about the massive revisions and rewrites that accompanied getting this series ready for publication, these books started my crazy adventure of becoming an author. It's been a long, tumultuous road. I've had to set aside a lot of projects I was passionate about to work on the Dominhydor books, but I don't regret taking the time to improve upon the stories and better develop the characters.

I had to go through the world of Dominhydor to discover the McHughniverse in which I now live. I’m grateful for the journey we embarked upon together, but I’m also grateful that it’s coming to a close. I have so many more worlds I'd like to explore, so many characters to meet and different writing styles with which to experiment. The Tales of Dominhydor truly was just the beginning of my writing career and there's no end in sight.

Now, cue the Care Bears finale music…
Well, it was worth a shot. Then again, what isn’t?

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About Jessica:
Jessica McHugh is an author of speculative fiction that spans the genre from horror and alternate history to epic fantasy. A prolific writer, she has devoted herself to novels, short stories, novellas, and even playwriting. She has had nine books published in three years, including "Song of Eidolons", "The Sky: The World" and the first three installments in her "Tales of Dominhydor" series.

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Lins said...

Terrible impressed that McHugh has invented her own language. I feel I do that on a regular basis too but everyone just looks at me puzzled and nods their heads with a look akin to pity and bewilderment.

Unrequited Life said...

As a reader of the McHughniverse, and having sat next to Jessica in HS while she scribbled away at one story or another, I gotta say that I am SO PROUD to know her as a person, and as an author! I believe her abilities are just as good, if not better than some of the more known authors in the world. However, her creativity is above and beyond most. Great post, Jess, and ::in ahnald voice:: I'll be back for more of your blog, Amanda!

Tina said...

I love when authors identify with their characters and the world they create. Thanks for sharing it gives us readers background to which we would not otherwise have access to.

Sherry Clark said...

I have read several of Jessica's novels and I have always been so impressed by her talent. My favorite thing about her work is that her stories are all completely different than anything else I have ever read. I cant wait to read more!

Matt said...

Jessica has been writing good stuff since way back in the day. She has an imagination like no other, and her wit is always right on time.

Jessica McHugh said...

Thank you so much for the kind words, everyone!