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BLOGOVERSARY: GUESTPOST by author Sonnet O'Dell!

Welcome everyone! This week, Novel Addiction is celebrating its SECOND BLOGOVERSARY! I'm also celebrating my birthday, so it's a super fun week! Be sure to check back every day for more great, fun content - go HERE to check out the schedule. Today, I'm lucky to offer you a guest post from Sonnet O'Dell, author of The Cassandra Farbanks series!!!

Happy Birthday Mr. Scott
What has the title got to do with this guest blog? Very little actually, except that July 14th is the birthday of the Montgomery Edward Scott (Star Trek – engineer).

The point is to talk about birthdays for fictional characters. I believe that when creating a fictional character assigning them a birthday can have an important impact of who they are. Once you’ve picked a date there is a wealth of information out there that can be used to piece together a personality – numerology, astrology etc. Once you have the date in mind, you can add interesting quirks to a character say if something important happened on that date in history or if they share the birthday with a famous person.

For instance in my books, the Cassandra Farbanks Series, her birthday is March 23rd. This makes her an Aries which is a cardinal fire sign. Aries people are supposed to be full of energy, excitement but can sometimes be impatient, impulsive and irritable. They have drive and a powerful intoxicating energy. All of which are qualities instilled in Cassandra, especially with her affinity for fire magic.

Birthdays can also play a key role in the history and future of a character. Many works feature characters whom come of age to inherit great wealth or power and then the story storm ahead with what they do after that – for instance when Harry Potter turns twelve he discovers he’s a wizard.

In a historical context there is the impact of a certain birthday on a character – say at age six there was an incident involving a clown, a balloon animal and an ice cream cake… which we will not talk about further here…that can lead to characters developing Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) or Cryophobia (fear of ice cream.) I’m not inclined to really believe that anyone could be scared of ice cream, because no matter what it’s done to me (whether it be the fat thighs or butt) I keep coming back for more.

I am guilty of a m̩nage with my two favorite men Рmainly Ben & Jerry. Lol.

The point I was going to make (and I promise you there is one in here…somewhere) that our celebrating of our birth, can be an important factor in character development. Whether the character is young – excited about getting older or more mature – who has been telling her friends for the last five years she’s twenty nine, it impacts the kind of person they are.

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A big thanks to Sonnet for visiting!!
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Thats a great idea Sonnet. I will remember to add zodiac characteristics to my characters for a better effect on personalities. Best wishes with all your upcoming books.