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Review: ROYAL WEDDING by Meg Cabot

Release Date: June 2nd, 2015

Type: Series, Book 11, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult, Chick Lit, Women's Fiction, Humor, Contemporary, We'll never be royals (royals)..

About the Book: From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Princess Diaries series, comes the very first adult installment, which follows Princess Mia and her Prince Charming as they plan their fairy tale wedding—but a few poisoned apples could turn this happily-ever-after into a royal nightmare.

For Princess Mia, the past five years since college graduation have been a whirlwind of activity, what with living in New York City, running her new teen community center, being madly in love, and attending royal engagements. And speaking of engagements. Mia's gorgeous longtime boyfriend Michael managed to clear both their schedules just long enough for an exotic (and very private) Caribbean island interlude where he popped the question! Of course Mia didn't need to consult her diary to know that her answer was a royal oui.

But now Mia has a scandal of majestic proportions to contend with: Her grandmother's leaked "fake" wedding plans to the press that could cause even normally calm Michael to become a runaway groom. Worse, a scheming politico is trying to force Mia's father from the throne, all because of a royal secret that could leave Genovia without a monarch. Can Mia prove to everyone—especially herself—that she's not only ready to wed, but ready to rule as well? [Description from]

My Review: This was everything I could have hoped for. The Princess Diaries is such an iconic series, and one I remember fondly from my younger years. I picked up the series a little later than most, I was twenty at the time, but that didn't mean I loved it any less. And when I heard there was going to be another book, I might have just squealed out loud. But I was also very, very nervous. Could this hold up to the series I loved so much? Is it too late for Mia to really get some sort of happily ever after?

Let me tell you - I was not disappointed. The characters all held true to their former selves, and you can even see the growth and maturity in them since the last time we got to see them, those many years ago. I'll admit, this book could have had a lot of issues, and I still would fangirl all over it. But really, it felt right. I got the happy ending I needed, and Mia became the amazing princess I always knew she would be.

This may be silly, but I want to thank Meg Cabot for writing this. The readers that grew up with Princess Mia will always have a special place for her in our hearts, and Meg Cabot gave us a gift by writing this book.

Cover Lovin': Look at it, just look at it! It's perfect. While the Princess Diaries books I remember reading were all pink, this pale blue gorgeous-ness is perfect for Mia.

Recommendation: For long-time fans of the series, for new fans of the series, for everyone. This series is a classic, and Royal Wedding is just what everyone needs. Side note: For a similar read, try The Royal We by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan!

Final Rating: FIVE out of FIVE stars! Amazing, wonderful, I'm so happy I could cry. Maybe I did cry, you can't prove anything.

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Disclaimer: I received a free, advanced e-copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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