Saturday, June 4, 2016

Review: FORTUNE by Tia Giacalone

Release Date: May 31st, 2016

Type: Contemporary Romance, Series, Book 1, Rock Stars, Accents make my knees go weak

About the Book: A painter, a poet, a publicist, and a punk-rock princess... the boys of High Road Divide have no idea that this tour will change everything.

Tommy Fortune hadn’t realized he was looking for something different until he meets Cassandra Ryan. Soon their connection blurs the line between fame and reality, and it doesn't take long for Cassandra to follow her inspiration into his world, where paint-stained hands and guitar strings become the basis of their future. But nothing is as perfect as it looks from the outside, and even the most exposed still have secrets to keep. When tour life gets complicated, loyalties will be tested on the road, and they'll both learn that some harsh realities can't be painted over.

What happens when an artist stuck in black and white falls for a musician who only lives in color?

A STANDALONE New Adult Contemporary Romance - intended for readers 18+ due to mature themes.
Stay tuned for Book 2 in the High Road Divide series - CRUZ - coming spring/summer 2017. [Description from]

My Review: It's no secret that I love rock stars. And now, with Thomas - I have another rocker to add to my snuggle-pile of book boyfriends. The guy on the cover may look tough, but don't let that fool you. Thomas is a very sweet, caring guy. And so are the rest of his band mates - which of course means I'm desperate for the rest of the band to get their chance in the limelight!

So I'll admit, the drama was a bit predictable - trust issues. But then again, when you have people living such a high profile life, I'm sure trust issues are a very real problem. And just wait until you get to the end.. The redemption and reunion is just right.

What really made this book a four star read, at least in my opinion, is the characterization. Author Tia Giacalone writes some amazing characters that I honestly wish I could be friends with. I liked Cassandra, I could see myself getting chummy with the publicist and the bodyguards, and the band members were starting to feel like family. Which explains why I'm so desperate for more books in this series. Each character had a very distinctive voice, so everyone was able to shine in their own right. And I have to say, I love how cheesy Thomas could be at times, especially when he made fun of himself for it. Sure, his lines are cheesy, but no one complains when he writes those over-the-top lines into a song, right?

Cover Lovin': A tatted-up hunk? Yes please!

Recommendation: For anyone that loves their rock stars with a little British flair.

Final Rating: FOUR out of FIVE stars (4/5)! A fun read, with just the right amount of drama.

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Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda, Novel Addiction ~!~

Disclaimer: I received a free copy in exchange for a fair and honest review. 

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