Saturday, February 18, 2017

Book Promo & Excerpt: THE YEAR I SLEPT by Matt Snee!

Today I'm promo-ing Matt Snee's new book, The Year I Slept, releasing Monday, February 20th!

About the Book:
Sex. Grief. Love. Unflinching eroticism.

These make up The Year I Slept. After Emerson Ketes loses the woman he loves - a Chinese immigrant by the name of Lin - to suicide, a spirit claiming to be her approaches him one night.

At the same time an old flame, Rowan, comes back into his life, while he's attempting to deal with overwhelming grief, confusion, and the ghost's demands.

And one way or another, the past will be reconciled... and the future will be burned into being.

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  I feel each beat of my heart. It has only just started to repair itself after being broken by this woman; broken twice, once when she left me for another man, and once when she left me for death.
            All this time I feel her, this ghost, beside me, her bare knees, the calves of her legs, the fabric of her skirt rubbing against her thighs. She sits. There is something different about her. I realize it is her nervousness; it is missing.
            Maybe I was just obsessed with her, maybe it was never love. Everyone always told me to let it go, let her go. I never could.
            I might never will. 
            "Ok," I tell her. "I'll help you…but you also have to do something for me."
            “What? “she asks.
            "You have to tell me everything. Everything you kept from me when you were alive. Everything that kept us from truly understanding each other. I want ALL of your secrets, Lin. It’s the only way I will agree."
            I hear the breath catch in her throat.
            “I don't know," she says, "'s only going to hurt you."
            "I don't care. That's what I want.” I wait a second to add, “It’s what I need. It’s the only way I will agree.”
            "Okay. “She acquiesces.
            "Then I promise to help you."
            I sense her smile. "Thanks, babe."
            The ghost disappears. Traffic returns to the streets. I hear people talking around the corner. 
            I go back upstairs, crawl into my bed and dig my head into my pillow. 
            I sleep.

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