Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Excerpt: HOMETOWN COWBOY by Sara Richardson!


He’d only stayed for the coffee, so he’d best stop looking at Jessa like she was on the menu.
Lance did his best to reel in his tongue and crank his jaw closed. But…damn.

It had to be the thong. And the bra. And the robe. Who knew Jessa Mae Love owned sexy lingerie? Not him. It would’ve been better if he’d known, if he’d been prepared to see her like that—all half naked and done up like a no-strings-attached fantasy. Her legs were much longer than he’d ever realized. Long, tanned, and defined. Lethal combination. Must be all of that hiking she did.

Though he knew better, his gaze followed her to the kitchen. Yes, Jessa had spent every summer in Topaz Falls for as long as he could remember. He’d known of her, even a little bit about her, considering their fathers were more like brothers than friends. He’d seen her around the ranch, but he’d never looked at her too closely. How could he have ever missed that bust, which he’d gotten a nice view of before he remembered his manners and turned away. He may not get out much, but he was still a man. And he had perfect eyesight. He noticed things like that. Somehow on Jessa, he’d missed it until the moment he’d seen her lying on the floor.

The unrecognizable woman in front of him—could he even call her Jessa anymore?—worked quickly in the kitchen, clutching the top of the robe like she wanted to bolt it together. He almost wished she could.

After she’d removed the screaming teakettle from the stove and poured water into a French press, she sort of scuttled past him. “I should go change,” she said in a huskily sexy voice that didn’t seem to fit her. Or at least it hadn’t. Before the lingerie…

“I’ll throw on some clothes,” she went on, nervously shifting her eyes. “Then we can talk about Luis.” 

Yes. Clothes. That would be best. Because if she put on more clothes, maybe he could focus on something besides these details he’d never noticed about her. Like the soft way her blondish hair cascaded past her shoulders. Or the way her earnest, unsure, brown-eyed gaze had stirred something inside him. Instead of answering her, he simply averted his eyes and nodded, giving her permission to go, giving himself space to get his shit together. 

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