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Then where is he? Review of "Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here" by Christine Warren

Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here (The Others) Why this book?: THE TITLE. Ha, I love it. But seriously - Where does he live, then?

Disclaimer: Another library book. I did not receive this book or anything else in exchange for a review. I'm reviewing it for my own sick pleasure.

Type: Paranormal Romance, Romance, Series, the Others, Sexy hero names, and He's a P.I.? Excuse me while I undress

About the book: Danice Carter is a lawyer. A damn good lawyer, actually. And when the senior partner of her firm called her into his office for a special assignment, she thought that was it - she was getting the case that will make or break her career, and finally make her a partner in the firm. She never expected for her client to be her boss' granddaughter, or for said granddaughter to not show up to their meeting. Instead of finding her client, Danice found a private investigator, McIntyre Callahan - who also happens to be searching for Rosemary. This case is turning out to be a lot worse than Danice thought. Good thing she has the sexy PI on her side... especially when Rosemary's trail leads them right to a gate into Faerie, and a lot more trouble than either of them could have forseen...

My review: Faeries! Private Investigators! Sexy names! How could I not enjoy this book? There were definitely a lot of things I liked about it. Such as a hero that isn't TOO alpha male. Don't get me wrong, I love alpha males, but every so often, you want a guy that just feels.. real. Even if he does happen to be a faerie, which might make me a little weird but I'm okay with it. And Danice is a strong, confident woman. She's smart, she's driven, she has a lot of good qualities. But this book features something I'm getting a little tired of... When a woman is smart and strong, but yet apparently doesn't know that she's getting too far into something she doesn't understand, and therefore gets herself into trouble. Danice and Mac have to go into Faerie to try and find either Rosemary, or the man that hired Mac. And even though Mac explains how truly frightening Faerie can be, Danice - who is entirely human and knows she's about to step into a place unlike anything she's ever known, just figures she's strong enough to deal with it, and refuses to listen to Mac's warnings. Of course, this leads to trouble, but the trouble is slightly spoiler-y, so I won't get into it. I know the book would turn out entirely different if she had chosen to let Mac, who is definitely more capable, go in alone. But I wish she was strong and smart enough to realize she was in over her head. Or maybe for this sort of thing to not have come up at all.

All that said - really, I enjoyed the book. The end has some "Whoa, what?!" moments, but the novel certainly kept me entertained. And I love, love, love Mac. As I said before, he just felt so.. real. Like the kind of man I want by my side... in or out of bed. And there was a great cast of supporting characters as well. Quigley, for example. Oh man, I laughed in every scene he was in. And his version of crack/meth? Oh, perfect. This is definitely an author I'm going to look into, since this is the first book I've read by her.

Cover Loving?: I like it well enough. Definitely some good chest-age going on. I get that wolves play a part in the rest of her series, but I feel like the wolf at the bottom of the cover is a little misplaced. There's not much mention of wolves in "Prince Charming Doesn't Live Here."

Recommendation: I'd say yes. This is a good book, and I've heard good things about the series, so this is an author I would recommend trying out. As mentioned, I'm going to add the rest of this series to be "To Be Checked Out" list.

Final Rating: I'd give it a THREE POINT NINE out of FOUR (3.9/4). Weird score? Yes. But it didn't quite feel like a four, and it definitely felt better than a three or even three point five. So three point nine it was.

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