Friday, February 4, 2011

I think I have Stockholm Syndrome REVIEW of "Stolen" by Lucy Christopher

Stolen Why this book?: Work (library) just got it in, and I said "heck yes."

Disclaimer: Library book! Not mine, unfortunately. Did not receive this book or anything else in exchange for a review.

Type: Young Adult, Kidnapping, Australia, Stalking, Holy Crap I'm Torn, Snakes and Scorpians and Camels - Oh My!

About the book: Sixteen year old Gemma is at the airport with her parents, getting a coffee to drink in the waiting area before their last flight. An older, kind stranger offers to buy the drink - he's cute and it's free coffee, so she accepts. Little did Gemma know, that this man has been following her, planning for when she was alone so he could drug her and steal her away. When Gemma regains consciousness, she soon learns she's in another country, Australia, and not just another country - but smack dab in the middle of the desert, with no roads or buildings in sight. From the looks of the place, the man has been planning this for a while. And as much as she hates him for kidnapping her, she can't help but begin to trust him, maybe just a little.

My review: I'm not sure there are really words for this. What a good - nay - a GREAT book. Gemma tells the story of her capture, and her stay with Ty, her kidnapper. As the story unfolds, it turns out that Gemma was just not some random girl he picked out of a crowd, but someone he had been following for years. The story is so deep, and so incredibly moving. I could not put this book down, in fact, I was sucked in from page one. Gemma's reactions felt so genuine and true, and this is one of those books that makes you feel too. Indeed, at the end, I felt as torn and confused as Gemma did. I wish I could tell you why, but I will not deal in spoilers.

Obviously I knew the kidnapping was coming, as it was mentioned on the cover jacket. But from that moment on, author Lucy Christopher kept me guessing. And some tidbits about the book itself - there are no chapters in this book, just little snippets separated by wires. And frankly, it makes it that much quicker to read, because you never find the perfect place to pause, might as well keep going. And trust me, you'll be glad you did, those 300 pages fly by.

Cover Loving: Simple, Elegant. Perfect.

Recommendation: YES. Oh HECK YES. Read it! Fans of YA or just plan excellent fiction should read it right this second!

Final Rating: FIVE out of FIVE (5/5). Oh my gosh. This is definitely one of the keeper shelves. I cannot wait to buy this one and have it as my very own.

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