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Interview: KAT MARTIN, author of "Into the Whirlwind!"

Kat Martin is promoting her newest book, "Into The Whirlwind" - release May 31st, 2016!! She was able to drop by to answer a few questions - check out her answers, and be sure to pre-order your copy of "Into The Whirlwind" today!

Is there anything you find particularly challenging about writing? 
Everything about writing is challenging!!  Staring at 500 blank pages on the computer screen and thinking about how I am possibly going to fill them up with a story that makes sense--that is definitely challenging.  Plotting is difficult, making the clues come together; description is difficult, trying to make it sound fresh.  Sex scenes are difficult, making them exactly fit the hero and heroine.  So , yes, there are plenty of challenges in writing.

Who are your go-to authors for a good read?
Cindy Gerard, Nora Roberts, Laura Griffin, Dana Marton, Heather Graham.  I read some of the big bestselling authors like Dean Koontz.  Lots of good writers out there.

Which if your heroes is your favorite?  
My current hero is always my favorite!  If I can’t fall in love with him, how can I expect my readers to do that?  Dirk Reynolds is a particular favorite because is such a combination of tough and really sweet.  And I loved his deep feelings for Meg.

What inspired you to write your first book?
My boyfriend at the time (later my husband) had written a novel.  I started helping him polish it and got hooked.  I started thinking maybe I could write a novel, too, and so I did.

If you decided to give up writing (please don't!!), what would your next choice career be?
I used to joke and say I wanted to be an astrophysicist.  I’m clearly not smart enough for that, but I am interested in the stars and planets and all that goes along with that.

Did you have to learn anything new while writing this book?
I learned a ton of new stuff!  Part of the story deals with the Nazis who fled Germany after World War II.  I found the information fascinating and some of it wound up in the book.

When you're writing, do you see yourself as a character in the book? 
Good question.  I don’t think I exactly see myself as a character, but I’m pretty deeply in my characters’ heads.  I love writing men.  Living in Montana, I’m around a lot of men so I feel comfortable in my hero’s head, maybe more comfortable than writing from the heroine’s point of view.

Are you a ketchup or mustard person?
Ketchup for sure.

Hello Friends,
Next up for me is INTO THE WHIRLWIND, the second of my BOSS Inc, novels!  It’s Megan and Dirk’s wild and tumultuous story; one of personal favorites.  And ya gotta love the cover!! It hits the shelves May 31st. I just received the review from RT BOOK REVIEWS, and thought I would share it with you along with a peek inside the cover of INTO THE WHIRLWIND.

“The second in the BOSS, Inc. series continues to excite! If you enjoy taught page-turners with powerful and protective alpha males, you’ve found one. The main characters have fiery chemistry and are evenly matched, making the intensity and intrigue all the more thrilling. Readers have come to expect steamy sex and plenty of suspense from Martin, and this series provides it in abundance!” —RT BOOK REVIEWS

     Megan O'Brien parked at the end of the gravel driveway and quietly got out of her compact SUV.  Through the trees, she could hear the roar of a chainsaw, hear see two-by-fours going up to form the sides of the house under construction.
     The garage was already finished, undoubtedly full of Dirk's toys, including a Harley and a custom Dodge Viper.  In the summer, he kept a boat docked on the lake below the house.
     Though two other men were hard at work, her gaze went straight to Dirk.  Hammer in hand, carpenter's belt dangling low on his waist, he was shirtless, though the January air was chill.
     Hard muscle flexed across his back and shoulders as he pounded in a nail with an ease that said how many times he had done it.  Long, sinewy muscles outlined by the soft fabric of his jeans stretched and moved as he worked on his house.
     Meg's gaze went over the familiar dragon tattoo that wound over one shoulder and inched up the side of his neck.  The colored ink seemed right with the sexy, short-cropped, horseshoe mustache that framed his mouth and curved down to his jaw, making him look like the hard, tough man he was.
     Even her terrible fear for her son couldn't block the memories of how it had felt to lie with him.  Couldn't lessen the yearning that burned through her body just at the sight of him.
     On the fashion show tour, Dirk had been her bodyguard, and though every instinct had warned her not to get involved with him, the fierce attraction between them was impossible to resist.
     Once the tour returned home, Meg had ended the affair.  Dirk Reynolds was wild and fierce while she was a single mother with a son to raise.  She had duties, responsibilities.
     She couldn't have Dirk Reynolds.  
     But she had never gotten over Dirk.
     Meg steeled herself and headed along the gravel driveway toward the house he was rebuilding after the fire that had nearly killed him five months ago.  One thing she knew, Dirk Reynolds was a hard man to kill.
     Which was the reason she had swallowed her pride and her heartache and come to him.  She needed him, trusted him as she never had another man.  Her little boy's life depended on gaining this man's help.  This man she had loved and rejected.
     She stepped out of the foliage and started toward him.  With Dirk's usual keen senses, he turned, alert that someone was there, though the buzz of the saw hid the sound of her footsteps.
     For several long moments, he just stared, watching as she approached.  He was six-two, his body lean and sculpted.  Wavy dark brown hair curled at the nape of his neck.  She forced herself to keep walking, even as his jaw locked and a fierce scowl darkened his face.
     Dirk grabbed a faded blue work shirt and shrugged it on, covering most of his amazing chest.  He didn't bother fastening the buttons, just strode toward her, blocking her view of the house.
     He stopped right in front of her.  "What are doing here, Meg?"
     "I need to talk to you.  It''s urgent."
     "You're trespassing.  What do you want?"
     She swallowed, fought to stay strong.  He didn't want her there.  She had known he wouldn't.  Known he thought of her only with contempt.  She wished he would hold her the way he used to when she was afraid.  "I...I want to hire you."
     The corner of his mouth edged into a ruthless half smile.  "What for?  Stud service?"
     She wanted to cry.  She wanted to beg his forgiveness.  Tell him she had never forgotten him.  That she never would. She knew it wouldn't matter to Dirk.  Not anymore.
     It didn't matter.  Nothing mattered, but saving the life of her son.
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New York Times bestselling author Kat Martin is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara where she majored in Anthropology and also studied History.   She is married to L.J. Martin, author of western, non-fiction, and suspense novels.

Kat has written more than sixty-five novels.  Sixteen million copies of her books are in print and she has been published in twenty foreign countries, including Japan, France, Germany, Argentina, Greece, China, Russia, and Spain.
Born in Bakersfield, California, Kat currently resides in Missoula, Montana, on a small ranch in the beautiful Sapphire mountains.

Her last 10 books have hit the prestigious New York Times bestseller list.  AGAINST THE WILD, AGAINST THE SKY, AGAINST THE TIDE and INTO THE FURY her latest release, took top ten spots.

Visit Kat's website at
Or look for her on Facebook  at Katmartin/author.

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