Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Review: THE WILDE TOUCH by Stoni Alexander!

My Review: First off, I have to talk about how amazing this author is at keeping all the subplots, twists, and turns not only straight, but easy to remember and comprehend. Despite so much going on in this book, I never once felt lost or unsure about what was going on. The story is so incredibly complex, but I could always keep everything appropriately separated - or could see where several storylines were starting to merge.

This was a one-sitting read. Not only does this include one of my all-time favorite romance tropes - Older brother's best friend/Best friend's little sister - but it's such a deep, intriguing suspense story. And on top of that? It's so, so hot. Steamy. I'm surprised I didn't melt when I was reading some of these scenes. But it would have been worth it. What a way to go! Melted by Crockett Wilde. So worth it.

Not only does Stoni Alexander write genuine characters, but you can empathize with their feelings of hurt, frustration, love, etc. When Alexandra has to deal with a new boss, or when Crockett had one of his devices malfunction - you can feel the frustration coming through the book. For a new author on the scene, Stoni Alexander knows what she's doing. Both The Mitus Touch and The Wilde Touch were un-put-downable, and I fully expect any more books by this author will be equally so.

Highly recommended, and I can't wait for you all to meet Crockett!

Cover Lovin': Yum! And works perfectly with book one.

Recommendation: The Wilde Touch can be read without reading The Mitus Touch. But personally, I'd recommend the first book since you'll get some useful backstory.

Final Rating: FIVE out of FIVE stars (5/5)! Another amazing book by Stoni Alexander! This might have eclipsed The Mitus Touch for me, but they're both so good it's hard to choose. I can't wait for more by this author!

About the Book:
Emmy-winning journalist Alexandra Reed returns to the DC area with two goals in mind—care for her ailing mom and steer clear of devastatingly handsome Crockett Wilde. But the man who stole her heart, then broke it, is impossible to avoid. As her life spins out of control, she finds pleasure in her secret escape—a sex-play club. And that’s where things really heat up…

Tech CEO Crockett Wilde is at the top of his game, but beneath his calm surface lies a raging volcano. When he finds the monster who abducted his sister, he’ll unleash a decade of pain. The one person who can subdue his demons—beautiful, headstrong Alexandra—wants nothing to do with him. Yet, he’s determined to set the record straight and not let the love of his life get away.

As Alexandra follows a trail of suspicious incidents at the kink club, Crockett seizes the opportunity to prove he’s not the bad guy she believes him to be. Together they unmask an underworld of evil. But it's the moment she goes missing that changes their lives in unimaginable ways.

The Series So Far:
Book 1: The Mitus Touch (click the title to see my review!)
Book 2: The Wilde Touch

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Disclaimer: I received a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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