Monday, August 30, 2010

CSN Stores - I'm in love!

By now, we've all heard of the epic awesome that is They have EVERYTHING! Stuff for dining rooms ( kitchen tables ), offices (probably my favorite!), all the way down to pet furniture! Despite the fact that my dogs have way more snuggly places than they should - my one dog doesn't have a bed so much as a throne - I've spend hours looking at all the different pet beds, pet couches, bowls, etc. Not to mention the bookcases! I was lucky enough to win a gift certificate to some months ago, and I got this little gem..

Free shipping, it arrived in no time, and it was almost too easy to put together! I love it. It's currently sitting at the end of my bed, holding some of my library books that I need to get through. Along with.. everything else I could fit on the shelves. I've already had my eye on several other bookcases and... well everything. They even had some wonderful office supplies... I'm a total sucker for office supplies. Back to school time is like heaven for me, heehee.

Have a wonderful Monday! Or as good as Monday can get.
~!~ Morning Glow

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