Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Review of "Highland Rogue" by Tess Mallory

Highland RogueRogues! Highlands! KILTS! Timetravel! It's four things I enjoy wrapped up in one book.

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Type: Timetravel, Romance, Scottish Rogues in Kilts, Plenty of Accent-y goodness, Dungeons minus dragons, and Bagpipe Playing Nessie
About the book: "   1711. They call him the Piper. A masked bandit seeking vengeance for his people, Quinn MacIntyre leaves his victims with empty pockets and a haunting tune played on the pipes that once gave him great joy. But when a flame-haired minx stumbles across his path, she awakens a new song in his heart. Now, the outlaw faces a challenge more daunting than the duke's patrols: Letting go of the past and embracing the future. Present day: On her dream vacation in the Scottish Highlands, aspiring archaeologist Maggie Graham discovers a tri-spiral carving on the floor of an ancient cairn and unwittingly sets its dormant magic in motion. Sent tumbling back in time three hundred years, Maggie uncovers the most amazing find of all - a Scottish hero straight out of her wildest fantasies. There are just two tiny problems with this grand adventure: She's trapped in eighteenth-century Scotland, and the man she's fallen for is an outlaw, a thief, a... Highland rogue.   "

Is it just me, or is that cover model on like.. every romance cover imaginable? He's like.. the modern day Fabio. Of course, he's quite handsome, so it's really not a complaint. So! "Highland Rogue"... Well, I was browsing Paperback Swap when I happened upon another book by this author in the "recently posted" category. Of course I had to look her up, it was talking about timetravel! Ever since I read "Outlander" I've been a little over-obsessed with timetravel romances, and I just can't get enough. Luckily, I managed to find some books by Tess Mallory, and "Highland Rogue" hit the spot perfectly!

I loved, loved, loved Maggie. I really identified with her, not so much because of her circumstances - her parents died, and she took over raising her younger sisters, but now that they're all grown up, she can finally do some living for herself - but because of her obsession with Scotland. If one were to look at any mp3 player, or playlist I have.. they'd notice the overabundance of Scottish, Irish, and generally Celtic music. I'll admit it, I even love Bagpipes. And Maggie was definitely a modern woman, and ready to take the time for herself. If only I could happen upon what she did and find myself a nice Scottish Highwayman...

Speaking of that, Quinn is absolutely delicious. Most romance readers fall for the bad guy who isn't really bad, the tortured hero, that sort of thing. And how tortured Quinn is. Because of a mistake, Quinn's best friend Ian is shot and captured - maybe he's dead, maybe he isn't. And if he's still alive, Quinn will do anything to save him. Even if that means continuing his raids on rich English travelers, without the aid of his partner. And now he has Maggie to deal with, and what a distraction she is.

All that said, I'm giving "Highland Rogue" by Tess Mallory a FIVE out of FIVE (5/5). I enjoyed the characters, the plot, and I can't wait to check out more by this author. If you're a fan of time travel romance, and sexy sexy Scottish Rogues, you'll love "Highland Rogue" by Tess Mallory.

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Tess Mallory said...

Thanks so much for the great review!! I hope you read the next installment, HIGHLAND REBEL. I also am getting ready to put my other Highland series up as ebooks. In the meantime they can be found used online, just look for HIGHLAND DREAM, HIGHLAND FLING, and HIGHLAND MAGIC. All time travel, and all Scottish! :))

Thanks again,