Friday, September 3, 2010

Some musings for your Friday.. Who sends these books!?

As a lover of books, it's like Christmas every time I receive a book in the mail - even if it's something I've bought myself. Now that I'm a reviewer, as well as enter many contests, I'm getting books a lot more than I used to (yay!). But here's my problem.


Oh, okay, most of the time I know. But every so often, I have a book come to me, and I have no clue why. No one has notified me that I won anything, there's no letter in it saying this book is for review or no letter at all, the return address is just confusing... and I'm left excited (I got a book, yay!), and more than a little confused (why do I have this?!).

Am I just too obsessed with knowing why? What about everyone else - do you just get excited, with none of the confusion, or are you like me and want to know why?

Well, have a wonderful Friday everyone, and enjoy your weekend! 
Until next time!
~!~ Morning Glow

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