Friday, April 29, 2011

Blog Hops, Tag Alongs, and Follows oh my!

It's FRIDAY! That usually means great things.. like weekends! And time off! Not for me, unfortunately, since this is my work weekend, alas. Currently, I'm sitting here, watching coverage of the royal wedding. I didn't plan that (unlike my aunt and one of my coworkers), but I figured I might as well watch it since there's nothing else on anyways. And.. well, it kind of makes me want to read some historical romances, and then go visit England again.

It also makes me want to be a princess. =)

Anyways! Hello to any new friends - my name is Amanda, I'm 23 and I work in a library. I'm a big reader and have been since second grade, and while I will read almost anything.. I prefer Paranormal Romance, Young Adult (Romance, paranormal, etc), Romance in general, and Urban Fantasy.

If you're so inclined, you can find Novel Addiction on twitter, and you can friend me on Goodreads - find those links in the left hand sidebar! And be sure to check out my "Contests/Upcoming excitements" in the righthand sidebar for upcoming contests, guest posts, etc.  Now, onto the hops!

If you were stocking your bomb shelter, what books would you HAVE to include if you only have space for 10?: ONLY TEN?! What! Well, first off, I'd definitely take my ebook reader for sure, which can hold about 3000 books. But as for physical books, hm... "Bite Me If You Can" and "Vampire, Interrupted" by Lynsay Sands, "Acheron," "Sins of the Night," and "Born in Sin" by Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor, "Sex, Lies, and Vampires," and "In the Company of Vampires" by Katie MacAlister, "Destined for an Early Grave" by Jeaniene Frost, "Rough, Raw, and Ready" by Lorelei James, and "Wicked Appetite" by Janet Evanovich. But I am SO MAD that I had to exclude some more of my favorites. *Cries*

Book Blogger Hop
Summer is coming quickly, what 2011 summer release are you most looking forward to most? I haven't even thought about it yet, eek! "One Grave at a Time" by Jeaniene Frost for sure, and there are others.. but I haven't compiled my list yet. May seems to be a big month, but I don't consider that summer.. still Spring.

Do you have another hobby besides reading? I do! Several. I enjoy doing theatre - evidenced by the fact that I'm in a show now and it's TAKING OVER MY LIFE. I also like to play video games on occasion, and I love love love watching movies and TV shows. But I prefer watching them on DVD, so I can watch them whenever I have free time, instead of being glued to the TV for specific hours of the week. That said, I do watch Bones every Thursday night, no matter what. And writing, of course. =)

I can't wait to hop through tonight and tomorrow! Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Reading!
~!~ Amanda ~!~


Austine said...

Old follower :) Man, I completely forgot about One Grave at a Time (and I just finished This Side of the Grave too). :)

Have a great weekend too!
Austine @ The Magick Pen

Danielle @ Romance Book Junkies said...

Hi there,
Just stopping by on the 18 & Over Tag Along. I like to do arts and crafts mostly oil painting.

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Mandy P. said...

New follower... Love your book list! I didn't include any Lynsay Sands - but I wanted to! :(

That's awesome that you're involved in theater! And I love my TV on DVD, too... :) Although I do agree with Bones being a weekly watch :)

Mandy @ Reality Bites

bex said...

Sounds like some great choices! I'd definitely take my Kindle as well. Might just have to figure out how to charge it, I guess. ;)

My list can be found here!

Rebecca @ kindle fever

Anti-Drug Reads said...

Great choices! This really was a tough one! Check out mine too :)

- New Follower, Cory from Anti-Drug Reads

Sharon said...

Hello and a Happy Friday!

Just stopping by :)

Laurie (BittenbyParanormalRomance) said...

Nice hobbies.

Have a good weekend!

Sidne,the BCR said...

I like Bones too but Criminal Minds is my favorite. Good luck with your performance. One Grave at a Time, now that sounds like a novel i might choose to read. do share your thoughts when you read it.

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I don't often note new release because I don't purchase hardback books. I'll check them out of the library though :) Just hopping through.

AsianCocoa said...

Hi Amanda,
Stopping by from Follow Friday. Great book choices. I like Jeaniene Frost too.

I'm a new follower.

Please come on over and check out my 10 picks:
AsianCocoa's Secret Garden

Cait said...

Definitely love the idea of us sharing our books in our bomb shelter! Such a good plan. Thanks for stopping by =]