Monday, April 25, 2011

GUEST POST: Author Mindy MacKay talks about crossing genre lines!

Please help me welcome author Mindy MacKay as she visits Novel Addiction as part of her Book Lovin' Bitches blog tour. Without further ado - Mindy!

Howdy everyone! Well, first off I'd like to thank Amanda for hosting me on her smashing blog! <3 Now, I suppose you'll want to know who 'me' is. Well, I'm Mindy MacKay, author of sci-fi, tragedy, satire, and for a short while, romance. Today, here, my featured novel is Fallen from Disgrace, a romantic suspense and the product of that "short while" I just mentioned. Fallen was an interesting project for be because it had me in realms of writing I'd never explored before. For one, I didn't kill off any member of the romantic unit. Also, I created a more fully developed strategy war between characters than I'd ever done before. Finally, there is no speculative element in this book whatsoever--from a sci-fi junkie's perspective, it was quite a chore making everything conform to our laws of physics!

Trying new things was a joyride while writing this book, and these days, I'm trying newer things still. If you've been following me around on other blogs, you'll know my romance career is on an indefinite hiatus. You may be wondering, if not romance, what am I up to now?

A few things.

For one thing, I'm back into tragedy.

I've been elbows deep into it since late last summer and I don't plan on leaving again anytime soon. It's just too much fun an archetype. But that's not all I'm occupying myself with. I'm also becoming reacquainted with my good buddy, poetry. For weeks now, I've been meeting with fellow poets in a coffee shop to share poetry, chat it up, and have coffee.

It may come as a shock to some. Historically, I've written with an emphasis on intricate plots and twists, so how can I condense my ideas into something as concise and abstract as poetry?

Well, poetry isn't actually all as abstract as some might think. At least half of us at each meeting bring poetry that develops characters and introduces a plot. Before I got back into poetry, a hobby I haven't pursued for years, I hadn't put much thought into how much one can say in verse, but now that I've made poetry a part of my weekly existence, it's turning out to be a great writing exercise. In fact, I may yet write a novel or short story based around one of the poems I've brought to poetry club.

In conclusion, the point of this post is to never be afraid to try new things, and the second point is don't get a computer virus that takes your computer out of commission for several days so you have to write up last-minute blog posts.

Epic thanks to Amanda once again, and until we meet again, excelsior!
Thank you so much for visiting, Mindy! Mindy is the author of Fallen from Disgrace, and it looks a-mazing. Be sure to check out Mindy's webpage, and go here for links to purchase "Fallen from Disgrace" and her other works! 


Sidne,the BCR said...

hello Amanda,
Interesting interview. I shall check out the authors book. always willing to check out new books.

Norah Wilson said...

LOL, Mindy! Good advice. I was keen to read this article, since I seem to be bouncing between romantic suspense, funny/cozy mystery, paranormal romance, dystopian romance and YA (the latter with a writing partner). Lots of hat changing!