Friday, April 8, 2011

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's.. a REVIEW of "My Superhero Sister" by Toni LoTempio!

My Superhero Sister (Superhero Diaries)Why this book?: I'm a fan of Toni LoTempio, and she asked if I would be interested in reviewing her YA novel - Heck yes! Also, it counts for my Teen Reading Challenge at work!

Disclaimer: This book was given to me in exchange for a review.

Type: Young Adult, Superheroes (and Heroines!), Highschool can suck, Freaks and Geeks, BUGS, The uncool little sister, I'll take both Ed and Tad, thanks.

About the book: Holly Hamilton is a normal highschooler. That wouldn't be so bad if her Dad hadn't been a superhero, and now her sister is one too - Suprema. Talk about pressure, not only is her sister Miss Perfect, but she saves the city on a daily basis, how is a mortal younger sister supposed to deal? But when an evil supervillian steals Suprema's powers, it's up to normal Holly to save the day. But being super isn't as easy as she always thought...
My Review: "My Superhero Sister" is an incredibly cute young adult novel with some adult appeal. I used to love reading comic books, and I'll admit, I still love watching superhero movies. There's something about having powers that is just so.. cool. And if you read comics, as gritty as they can be sometimes, they also have moments of extreme cheesiness, or hookyness. This book has all of that hookyness that I've been missing. I think a lot of middle grade and teen readers will enjoy picking up "My Superhero Sister" because it is quick, easy, and amusing.

Some of this book was a little too predictable, and just when I thought I could guess what was going to happen next, a little curve ball was thrown into the playing field and I was surprised by what happened. Characters that I thought would turn out evil ended up being the good guys, and how Holly rises to the occasion at the end - I could have never seen that coming! With cute boys, family pressure, and school troubles, "My Superhero Sister" is an excellent, clean story for young adults.

Cover Loving: I love it! I think it's incredibly cute.

Recommendation: This was a fun read. Fans of quick, amusing young adult novels will enjoy "My Superhero Sister."

Final Rating: FOUR out of FIVE (4/5). Fun, quick, good read. Enjoyable for sure.

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Happy Reading!
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