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Yeehaw! Review of "Untamable" by Becca Dale

UntamableWhy this book?: Reviewing this book as part of Becca Dale's Virtual Blog Tour. Stop by tomorrow for a giveaway!

Disclaimer: I received my copy of the book in exchange for review.

Type: Novella/Short Story, Erotic, Yummy cowboys, Reunion story, Romance, Contemporary

About the book: Lily is back from Chicago to visit her best friend Mara. They've planned to visit the old haunts, spend some time with Mara's parents. Just as long as they avoid Mara's brother, and Lily's former boyfriend, Thor. But Lily isn't even in town a day before they cross paths, and it's like a knife in the chest. Years ago, when Thor had his accident, he forced Lily out of his hospital room, out of the hospital, and out of his life. She took the hint and left, but even now, she still feels connected to him. And she's not the only one. Can Thor convince her to stay, or is that love just a distant memory?

My Review: Sometimes it's hard to review a novella, because there's so little of it - especially when I want more. I want more angst! I want more arguments that end up in stolen kisses! I want more Thor and Lily! But alas, there is no more - but "Untamable" definitely had a good run. A good reunion story with a happy (and steamy!) ending is something everyone can enjoy now and again, or in my case.. more now than again. For being only 73 pages, author Becca Dale packs a lot of punch into Thor and Lily's tale - the misunderstandings, the bullheadedness that comes when one has to face something they've been trying to avoid - it's all there in spades. And it was a treat finding out how Lily and Thor dealth with all that and more.

I wasn't a fan of Thor's nickname for Lily - "Peace Lily" - but I'm fairly positive that was because I didn't know it was an actual plant until about five minutes ago. Now that I know, I don't think it's so bad, cute even. But despite Thor's interesting nicknames, he was by far my favorite. I always do fall for the wounded hero - and Thor was that, literally and figuratively. He's the type of guy I would love to tease and get teased by in return, and I was happy with how his and Lily's story ended.

Cover Loving: I like it. I think it could be better if the cowboy was shirtless.. but I feel like everything is instantly better when you add a shirtless cowboy.

Recommendation: Fans of erotic short stories, especially ones featuring bullheaded cowboys, should check out "Untamable."

Final Rating: THREE POINT FIVE out of FIVE (3.5/5). Good, enjoyable novella. I liked the characters, and I there was a significant amount of development, especially considering how short the story was. Definitely a fast, fun read.

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