Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Whatcha Got Wednesday #25

Another Wednesday, which means another Whatcha Got Wednesday. WGW is my own little weekly meme where I talk about what books I got that week, whether bought, gifted, or for review.

"Highland Master" by Amanda Scott
- I need to get myself one of those, a Highland Master, I mean.
"Master and Apprentice" by Sonya Bateman - YAY! I loved book one, I cannot wait to read this!

RT Book Reviews magazine
- I don't buy these very often, because not too many places around here sell it, but I made a rare visit to borders and couldn't pass up the article on "Cowboy heroes."
"Double Cross" by Carolyn Crane - I couldn't wait to read book two, had to buy it now now now.
"Touched By An Alien" by Gini Koch - I've heard so many good things.

That's it for me this week. I'm still working on my Young Adult Fiction challenge for work. I read "The Demon Trapper's Daughter" and "The Iron Witch." I really enjoyed "The Demon Trapper's Daughter," though I think I would recommend it to older Young Adults due to some of the subject matter. However, "The Iron Witch" just didn't do it for me. I couldn't connect to the characters, which kind of depressed me because so many people were so excited about it.

For the next couple I have to read, it seems like a huge chunk of them are dystopian.. which I used to love, but they're starting to make me depressed. I need a good sappy, funny Young Adult book. Maybe one of the books will surprise me.

Happy reading!
~!~ Amanda ~!~

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